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download request :

this game looks beautiful from the graphics but why only download on request?

I would really like to try the game.

Quiero disfrutar de la experiencia, solicito la descarga

download request

download request :

This project looks appealing. Send me a copy please.

I'm curious, this looks interesting. May I have a go?
Email is

I'd love to try out this game! May I request the download link?

seems great! may I have the download link?

It looks like pretty great potential, and it looks amazing. I would love to download it (

This looks really great. I'd like to download it. (

May i have the download link?

Download request:

may request to download, please?

Can I request to download?

Hi! This looks really amazing, the detail and the graphics are so beautiful. Can I request to download?

Looks cool. Pretty odd distribution model though.

I've really enjoyed the games of yours that I've played thus far, I'm a fan of brutalism and will continue to follow your page so that I may continue to be inspired by your work. Is there any chance I could try this game out? It looks incredible, and entirely what I'm looking for.

Hello! I`ve enjoyed your games earlier and am willing to try the rest. Can I, get a right to download this one?

PLEASE let me download this game! I would be willing to PAY for this game, from or Steam. Requesting download, please. <>.

May I please download this game? Thank you. <>

Download Request

download request ""

download request ""

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download request ""

Could I have a download please? (

Can I please request a download? (

Beautiful game.

can I please get a download?

Can I please get a download? Thanks!

yo, can i get a link? this looks sick

download link please!

Could you please share a download link? I played Fugue in Void, and I honestly can't find any other experiences like it. This looks promising, I really hope to experience it as well. Thank you.

May I get a download of this game? It looks visually stunning and is just the kind of world I would love to be absorbed into and get lost in! My email address is:

Thank you in advance and I look forward to seeing your other creations!

can i get a download?

Can i get a download link?

I would like to play,

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