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Looks very atmospheric and like something I would enjoy. Can I get a download, please? ( )

May I try this please?

Hi! I'd like to play the game if possible. Thank you so much

I would love to play this game if possible. It looks amazing.

Can I have the download link please? My email is

Thank you <3 

I would like a download, please.

i would like to play this game, can you give me a download?

Hey there!
Id like to try this out if possible

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I would like a download, please.

I'd love to play through this and see what it's like

This looks really neat! I'd love to try it!

Man, these screenshot look amazing, I really wanna play it!

I'd love to try this game out, it looks amazing.

Can I please download your game. Looks like a cool walking simulator.

I'd love to play this game! How can I download it?

Would I be able to get a download link? ^~^

I'd love to try your game!

Hey, can I get a download link?

download please!

I would like to request a download

I would like to request a download

I want to request for a download. Here's my email:

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May I download? Here's an email if that's required.


 Peter Stubbs - SplitPeaGames


wow, i remember playing it a long time ago
why is it downloadable only on request now?

Requesting download.

hello wanted to request the game request to download, my e_imail

I would like to play this can i please download.

How can I request this? On screenshots looks amazing.

send me an email

This game... or should I say "experience" gave me some time out of mind that I sorely needed. Heres 10 bucks towards your next game. 


i just played this game yesterday and it fascinates me, it is still a mystery to me tho and confusing, when i open the game in a window at the top it says project nautilus, does this have anything to do with the actual nautilus ship/submarine thing? also i followed the pillars that lead to no where and ended up continuing forward through the sand, i spent 2 hours just walking forwards hoping something was out that way but the map just keeps on going and going and i eventually restarted the game and went along the path that the game wants me to but this game still amazes me so much! its a bit creepy tho at times but i love it!

You already know how much I appreciate your work as an artist and as a game developer, dear Moshe, but let me tell you once again, that this game really means something to me. I spent hours of wandering around in the beautiful and also brutalist world you created there, wondering about the architecture, the artifacts, the orbs, the meaning of it all. It's one of the most atmospherical games I ever played, because I always had the urge to make some more sense out of it. And then, the final message... It got to me as a player, but also as a person. Sometimes it's better to leave the things to be themselves, just to be - without the search for a certain logic. It's a stunning game and I highly recommend everyone to play it. That's why I not just simply had to write an article about your game and to upload a little 'compilation' video of it, but also to include it in our GOTY 2017 list. It has totally deserved it and I'm glad that I made the first contact to you via this game. It's something special, just like you. :)

Best wishes,

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Hey, I got stuck in a spiraling staircase (I suppose near the end?). You should be more careful when placing those things, or at least have a back-up plan (like a key that resets your position? local checkpoint system or something) for when these things lack polish. 

Also, the world outside should have a directional light consistent with the skybox, I think. And lighting in general should be better, since I mostly see black walls.

Finally, you should either make movement more fun (whatever that means in the context of the game), or give the player a lot more to look at while walking. Almost every game of yours I've played (haven't played Brutalism Prelude yet) seems to rely on several minutes of holding W+Shift to go forward with nothing interesting going on.

These are my impressions, anyway. I like what you're trying to do, I just feel that there are several issues distracting me from the core. 

Good luck with the future projects, though, looking forward to them. :)

P.S.: Getting a bit of air and vegetation felt good.

taking notes ;)

hope it helps!

Very overwhelming and inspiring. The world arises before your eyes and in your head parallelly. The excellent sounds and music, mysterious places. I think I will return again and again to this world. My next plan is to visit the edges of this dimension.


A great game ! :)

glad to hear that :)

Hi! I'd love to play your games, but I have Mac .

Any chances to download Mac osx builds ?

best regards, keep up the good work :)

Sry i am currently working on a new project and want to focus on that first. maybe in the distance future :/

This game was pretty good. It does a nice job of combining audio and visual queues in order to lure you along through the artsy world. Which is full of decaying modern cities and fading ruins.

I do think that this is sort of missing something though. Im thinking it might be some level of interactivity. Which a lot of artsy walking simulator esc games tend to do. It wouldn't need to be anything crazy, just maybe a couple simple puzzles, a switch to activate a neat looking machine, and you'd be good.

Again I thought Wonders Between Dunes was pretty good. It didn't blow me away, but its a strong contender in the world of visual exploration games. It just needs that little something to push it over the top.

Names of the musical tracks used in the game? (especially the one that cues when approaching the M tower. I swear I've heard that one before)

That track i get from called Elementary Wave 11. some tracks i did on my own.. you should have a look on gamejolt. you can download them there. . The piano one is a cover from the wonderful film "memories of murder" by bong joon ho.

What is the music that plays in the elevator? The one with violin and flute. Also, what is the credits music?


Another cool and relaxing experience from Trias. The graphics are well done, the music is calming, and the simply walk about aspect is a nice and unique change. I have been a fan of Trias for a long time, he always manages to make something cool and unique. Much like Living with the Moonoliths, your simply left to explore the world in which you reside. Meanwhile the calming music and strange architecture around you consistently changes. All in all, another cool little experience and I look forward to the next one. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.

thank you very much for playing and "reviewing" my game !

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