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A great game ! :)

glad to hear that :)

Hi! I'd love to play your games, but I have Mac .

Any chances to download Mac osx builds ?

best regards, keep up the good work :)

Sry i am currently working on a new project and want to focus on that first. maybe in the distance future :/

This game was pretty good. It does a nice job of combining audio and visual queues in order to lure you along through the artsy world. Which is full of decaying modern cities and fading ruins.

I do think that this is sort of missing something though. Im thinking it might be some level of interactivity. Which a lot of artsy walking simulator esc games tend to do. It wouldn't need to be anything crazy, just maybe a couple simple puzzles, a switch to activate a neat looking machine, and you'd be good.

Again I thought Wonders Between Dunes was pretty good. It didn't blow me away, but its a strong contender in the world of visual exploration games. It just needs that little something to push it over the top.

Names of the musical tracks used in the game? (especially the one that cues when approaching the M tower. I swear I've heard that one before)

That track i get from called Elementary Wave 11. some tracks i did on my own.. you should have a look on gamejolt. you can download them there. . The piano one is a cover from the wonderful film "memories of murder" by bong joon ho.


Another cool and relaxing experience from Trias. The graphics are well done, the music is calming, and the simply walk about aspect is a nice and unique change. I have been a fan of Trias for a long time, he always manages to make something cool and unique. Much like Living with the Moonoliths, your simply left to explore the world in which you reside. Meanwhile the calming music and strange architecture around you consistently changes. All in all, another cool little experience and I look forward to the next one. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.

thank you very much for playing and "reviewing" my game !