A downloadable game

Download only on request

A audio visual experience.

Travel through a wonderful mysterious world and explore huge brutal architecture. Stroll through deserts. Stroll through lush dschungel. Walk deep inside the belly of concrete monsters and feel the enormous weight of the city above you. Discover wonders between dunes.

A almost dream like experience waiting for you. Relax and take a break from all those action packed games out there.

Warning: This game has on purpose no saving system. The experience should be done in one walk-through and takes about an hour. Take your time. Close the curtains and use headphones

Recommended Requirements:


OS: Windows 7 or later

Processor: 1.7GHz Dual Core (4th generation i5 or equivalent) or better

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: 512MB DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics card (shader model 2) or better

DirectX: Version 9.0

Storage: 300 MB available space

I am now on patreon and would love to see a community grow <3 https://www.patreon.com/MosheLinke

Download only on request

For fans of: Living With the Moonoliths, VoyageE and Dystopia


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Hi! This experience looks very interesting, I would love to try it.

mail: axelchemin@gmail.com

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Hey, your games are great! Would love to try this out. Would also love to play VoyageE!


Hi! This experience looks very beautiful and interesting, I would love to try it.

Mail: bl4nkb0n3s@gmail.co

This look so beautiful, I would love to try it out.


Would really like to explore these places so badly


would really like to try taking some pics in this thanks in advance


i would love to try your game out


I'm so eager to play this omg


Could I have a download please?

Big fan of your games.


Would love to be able to try this! Following for Neon Entropy too


Do you still give download access to requests through comments? Is so, is it at all possible to receive access? 

Good health!

Dear Creator, in order to get access to all downloads on request, do I need to make a comment with a statement of intent under each of them, or is it possible to access all of them at once?

My mail: 00adef@mail.lvi


Could I get a download pls?

Could I get a download pls?


Thank you!

Hi, could I get a download?


Love your work. Could I get a download link to this and maybe the other request only games?


I would love to see all of the request download games


Interested. andrewdurkee11@gmail.com

I would absolutely love a download link for this. my email is dominicwilson97@live.com

Hi! I loved Fugue in Void and would like to try this one! My email is honestscribefiction@gmail.com.

I love games that allow me to explore unknown worlds and unseen places. I'd love a copy for download. My email is pinkbunnypeeps@gmail.com :)

Hello, I would love to play this! Email: willtbear@gmail.com Thanks!

I would love to play this, do you think you could send the game to me at castillo.elisio@yahoo.com? Thank you!


wow it looks so cool!
Hoping I get a chance to play it

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I'm trying a number of games in vr through vorpx and among the best ones so far where your exhibit in The Zium Garden and Fugue in Void. I wish to request a download to experience and explore more of your worlds in person. oh here my email. gloriousmaxamus@gmail.com

Hi! I´m very interested in your work. My teachers recomended you as a referent for my learning path. I wanted to request a download so i leave my email. brenconw@gmail.com 

Thanks in advance 

Would love to play this game. Requesting to download it. boogle.snappen@gmail.com. Thanks!

I'm certainly intrigued! Could I get a download at J.d.g.buchanan@gmail.com ?

whats up, love the screenshot. would like to play it :) aguchero57@gmail.com

I want to give this a shot, my email: utkudemircil28@gmail.com

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i'd love to give it a go my email is nikitos09012004@mail.ru

thanks in advance!

i would love to play :) @ verapina00@gmail.com , thanks so much!!

May I play this? IanJSpalding@Gmail.com

Would love to play your game, it looks amazing!

my email: lordrichardcraft@gmail.com

would love to play this :3

May I also request a download link? korom.attila.jozsef@gmail.com

Thank you!

xinhan803202009224@yeah.net  thank you!

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