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the game is downloadable on his discord server everyone

Thank you, you are the best!!

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your game looks super cool can i get a link?

also whats the name of this song, it feels so beautifully somber, like remember an old friend or place.

Hello !!!! Can I please try this game?

I'm interested in playing, thank you.

hey moshe! may i play your game? :) 

may i ask for a game?

I really want to play your game!

Hi! Would love to try this game out!

hello! i'd really love to play this game!!

hi) really want to download this one

(─‿‿─) please..?)

Does anyone here have a downloaded copy?

link pls

may i ask for a game?

I would love to explore Mura Toka! If you're still distributing download links please let me know.

Hello, I would like to download all of your games that are only on request, please


I would love to download all of your games downloadable on request please.


Thank you very much!

I'd like to have a short vacation at Mura Toka if there are any residencies available please. Peeps seem to be putting their email down so I'll just do the same.


Hello, I would love to play this! Email:

I've thoroughly enjoyed Fugue in Void and the Brutalism exhbititions as well. Would love to try this (as well as Dunes, Moonoliths, and VoyageE). Send to

Greatly appreciate it!

Hi . Seems like a very interesting Project. Can i Download it ?

Hello, I would love to play this game! May I receive a link on

Hi i love your aesthetic and i've been looking for some good walking sims! can i get a download link as well?

Download Request

love this kinda stuff! could i get a link?

Download request

If you can, please send a download link to at your earliest convenience. It's rather cold and rainy in my neighborhood as I type this. I think your little experiment might smash my dour mood. I'd appreciate it, thank you Mr Moshe Linke.


Why don't you make the game available to everyone?

Once again, may I please receive a link to download this experience? Thank you.

id like this

Hi, I just requested two of your other games, and as my final request, I would like to request both this game and VoyageE, the fanmade sequel to NaissanceE. I am requesting it here as I don't see any comments sections or discussion board on its page, and I believe you listed your email only for press and business purposes. I apologize for bothering you and thank you for providing us with unique experiences you don't often find in mainstream gaming!

Thanks in advance, and once again, here is my email address:

I'd love to play this game, I played some of your other games and i loved them!

I'd love to play this and film a playthrough. Is this possible?

I'm getting good vibes from this game, really digging the aesthetics. Would really like to play it!

I would like a chance to try this

I would love to try this out! My mail is and it seems so interesting!

Can I please try this game?

This seems right up my alley, I would love to try this, if you're willing to send a copy.

I would like to try this game please !! :>

would love to try this 

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