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Helloo ! I was looking to download your game, maybe?

Fantastic game. What is the music you included in the trailer for the game? I'm in love with it

incredible atmosphere. I want to live in this world

I really wish I could play this but there's no way to lower the graphics quality so my computer literally cannot take it. I'm sure it's gorgeous though!!

It's sureal. I love it.

This looks really beautiful. Any plans for a Mac release? 

Another cool and interesting walking adventure from Triass. I always love his simple yet weird and unique worlds. How he goes a black and white, walking on the moon adventure to. Exploring an abandoned colorful island with strange meteorites and abandoned structures. The art style is very colorful and pixelated, the music is calming and pleasant to explore too, and the open interpretation on the story is intriguing (at least to me). I still can't wait for the release of Dystopia but look forward to Triass's next project. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.

Hey Guys,

I did a walk through of this game and I gota say, I love it. Well done and all the best.



Thank you ! appreciate it.

It's a pleasure. I have an idea to put to you and wondered if you would be interested?

sure hit me with a private DM on Twitter @m0shart or send me an email:

looks really cool, but looking towards the trees dropped the frame rate into the 20s on the lowest resolution setting. :( Win 7 GTX 750 Ti 16GB ram

that is not good.. played on a not so good pc and it worked fine. sry i cant tell the source of the issue.

I've got the same graphics card and I didn't have a framerate issue at all. Try reinstalling the nvidia drivers and check running apps.

It's good, but I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't find the structures in the last screenshot :/

you have to wait ;)

wait in the game? or for an update

in the game ! wait until second night ;)